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Sushi and Pisco in a Hollywood Garden

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Hollywood Boulevard is tricky.

Lose focus for a moment and you’re deep inside a Scientology center, lost in a towering tourist mall... or standing between a pair of cascading waterfalls, gazing into a mystical garden of sushi and pisco.

And you could really go for some mystical pisco right now.

Presenting Osaka, the years-in-the-making new restaurant and lounge from Adolfo Suaya (BoHo, Surly Goat), taking reservations now for its Thursday debut.

So in a few short days, here’s what you won’t initially see: a sign. Instead, look for those waterfalls on either side of a pond just off the street. Step across the jagged stone path over the water and you’ll make out the hostess standing in the darkness. That’s where you’ll see a red neon sign. You’ve arrived.

Start at the vast caipirinha bar beyond, under trees with iron fronds. Then, if you’re on a date, move to the ceviche bar in the rope-ceilinged dining room, where you’ll feast on a Peruvian-Japanese-ish spread of anticuchos (skewered beef hearts or octopus) and causitas (potato terrines topped with flounder or shrimp).

But if you’re here with a big group of industry friends, you’ll be more comfortable in a huge red booth in the outdoorsy pisco garden to the left. Behind the bar, they’re infusing pisco with everything from cinnamon to honey.

You catch more producers with honey.

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