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Dancing and Feathers in Dupont

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It’s almost Labor Day, so naturally we want to whisk you away to 19th-century Paris.

The dancing girls. The absinthe. The DJs...

Introducing Dirty Bar, a Moulin Rouge–inspired den of debauchery in Dupont, soft-opening this weekend.

This place is like Midnight in Paris: The Nightclub, only with less old-timey jazz and more house music. You’ll drop in on a night when you’re feeling especially cancan-ish (say, tomorrow night), and climb the stairs to the third story. Inside, stroll past the burlesque dancer on a swing, past the bar adorned with feathers and to the small dance floor where, on most nights after 10, a DJ will be spinning.

After regaling the crowd with a little wo-bot (your patented worm-robot hybrid), you’ll settle into a red, tufted booth by the human-sized birdcage. (It’s actually a stage with room for a couple of dancers. So bring a partner.) You’ll summon your waitress—dressed in fishnets and a corset—and order a Billie Holiday (sort of like an Old Fashioned with absinthe added) or a Lucky Luciano, a tequila-and-grapefruit number. And if you come back next month, they should have a food menu in place.

Just remember to wait 30 minutes before riding the swing.


Dirty Bar
1223 Connecticut Ave NW
Washington, DC, 20036


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