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Living in the land of startups, it was only a matter of time before one-click ordering, QR codes and geo-fencing infiltrated restaurants. Welcome to the brave new world of The Melt, a shiny house of grilled cheese brought to you by the founder of the Flip camera, now open. Below, what you need to know.

Number of Flip cameras at the Melt: 0
Number of patented panini-press machines: 3
Former Apple execs on the board: 1
Chef consultants named Michael Mina on the board: 1
Colors other than orange, white, gray and toasted oak: 0
Mood lighting on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 = computer screen, 10 = candlelight): 6.9
Our suggested mood lighting level for a grilled cheese shop: 4.8
Cooking time, in seconds, for each sandwich: 60
Estimated order-to-pickup time in minutes: 2
Days until smartphone ordering/QR code scanning is ready: 7
Sandwiches on the menu: 5
Overall ranking of The Classic Combo (cheddar melt with tomato soup): 1
Number of off-menu sandwiches: 1
Chances of getting notified of the off-menu offering on Twitter: 100%
Beer/wine options once liquor license is approved: 5
Closing time, for now: 9pm
Number of stores set to open in the Bay Area by Thanksgiving: 4
Number of stores set to open nationwide in the next five years: 500


The Melt
115 New Montgomery St
(at Minna)
San Francisco, CA, 94105


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