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A Bar with Pizza Sandwiches

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It’s a crucial time for making decisions.

In a matter of minutes, you could be grabbing some takeout on your way home... or you could be gazing in wonder at a vast spread of pizza sandwiches and beer.

We know: tough call.

Welcome to Rascal, a bright, modern shrine to beer, wine and your favorite things between bread, now open at 5pm nightly on La Brea.

You’ll find it across from the original Umami, where you’ve frequently peered out the window, stroked your chin between bites of burger and thought to yourself, “What really belongs there is a sort of modern, minimalist art gallery. But instead of art, there should be lots of sandwiches and beer.”

And voilà, here it is: in a simple, chandelier-lit spot with brick and crisp white walls, you’ll grab a tall table with friends who are also coincidentally in the mood for a round of Köstritzer dark German lagers and some shareable, appetizer-sized pizza sandwiches filled with mozzarella and pepperoni.

That’ll get you ready for more things between bread—maybe a grilled cheese, a bacon-and-egg sandwich or a fish-and-chips sandwich (with tilapia and thinly sliced potato chips). They’ve also got plenty of wine, and about 10 beers by the bottle from all over.

But the world is not yet ready for beer sandwiches.

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