Vanderbilt Tennis Club

Net Worth

A Secret Tennis Court Inside Grand Central Terminal

None Grand Central Terminal.

Great place to catch a train to Scarsdale.

Eat oysters.

And channel Ivan Lendl...

Welcome to the Vanderbilt Tennis Club, a semisecret indoor sports facility that happens to be volleying for serve inside the world’s most famous train station, booking court reservations now for September 6 and beyond.

You’ve always said, if there were two things your evening peak commute had been missing, it was a goose feather down pillow and some gentlemanly racquet sports. Now, you’ve got the racquet sport.

But before you can start scratching any US Open–related itches, you’ll want to dry-clean your tennis whites, invest heavily in wristbands and secure a hotly contested hourly reservation in this natural-light-filled fourth-floor atrium. Also, a mixed doubles partner. Preferably a Williams sister.

Along with center court billing, you’ll also have access to a pair of practice alleys, a fitness center, the city’s only slow-motion video swing analysis equipment and a well-heeled client list that back when Trump privately owned the space in the ’80s included the likes of Martina Navratilova, John McEnroe and Dustin Hoffman.

Hoffman: surprisingly aggressive at the net. 


Vanderbilt Tennis Club
at Grand Central Terminal
15 Vanderbilt Ave
New York, NY, 10017

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