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A Vegetarian Diner Straight Out of 1955

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It’s been a weird month.

Earthquakes. Hurricanes. You only went on 12 dates (must be because of the earth’s positioning with the moon and sun).

Only thing to keep the eclectic-ness going would be if a ’50s-style vegetarian diner was born. In Cambridge.

Introducing Veggie Galaxy, a vegetarian restaurant in the mold of a midcentury diner for those rare times you’re not feeling the whole animal flesh thing (or you’re dating someone who’s not), opening this Thursday in Central Square.

Think of this as the kind of spot you’ll bring Eddie Vedder, Alyssa Milano and Mike Tyson (all noted vegetarians) the next time you crazy kids get together in town and rehash the old days (as always, tread carefully if Mike hasn’t eaten all day).

What you’ll be feasting on: classic diner breakfasts (served all day), lunches and dinners made with a from-scratch ethos (even the condiments). Only without meat. Think: Chipotle Black Bean Burger, Vegetable Pot Pie and even a Smoked Reuben Sandwich using grilled, house-smoked tofu in place of corned beef.

And if you’re worried you won’t be able to get through an entire home-cooked vegetarian meal without a little alcohol, fear not: they’ve got wine and beer, so you can knock back a few pints of Cambridge Brewing Co. pale ale with a buddy.

Especially if that buddy is Moby.

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