Look Ma, No Phone

Food Delivery Moves to the Web

Your goal
Order in a tasty meal with minimal effort.

Your problem
Collecting and organizing piles of menus, and the risk that your order will be misunderstood yet again—you say "cheeseburger deluxe," they hear "extra-large imitation Yak kebab."

Your solution
Get your food from the same place you get your porn...the Internet, baby!
Your options
MenuPages has a massive selection of over 4,000 menus from Manhattan restaurants—search by name or sort by neighborhood. Not all of the places deliver, but it's a great way to scope out what's available (bonus: preview specific dishes/prices when you're going out to eat).
SeamlessWeb, an office standby, now offers home delivery, competing with Delivery.com. Both sites offer a large variety of restaurants—search by neighborhood, browse menus and place your order online, all without picking up the phone.
SeamlessWeb's site is slightly sleeker and shows restaurants that deliver to your address (Delivery.com lists restaurants that deliver to your zip code). Delivery.com lets you use cash or credit—SeamlessWeb only accepts credit cards. Each service has some restaurants that the other site doesn't, so if your favorite deep-fried haggis joint isn't listed on one, try the other.

Choose food, click mouse, food comes. Less talk, same great taste—courtesy of the internet, isolating you from human contact one click at a time.

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