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She’s a real stunner, but she’s been hiding something from you.

She sits you down for a talk. Looking vulnerable. This is a big deal. Things have been going so well.

And then she says those two words that will change everything you thought you knew about her: “I’m vegan.”

You’re going to need to adjust next week’s dinner plans, and it would be nice if you could actually get full in the process.

Allow us to suggest Seed Bistro, your new home for wine, beer and inventive vegan feasts, opening Monday on the Westside.

Consider it an upgrade to Seed Kitchen in Venice—a nice but not too fussy place with a color scheme you might expect, heavy on the brown and green. (For some reason, vegans aren’t big on purple.)

If she just wants a quick meal of kale and quinoa salad, raw kelp noodles and seitan steak—hint: that’s not steak—before a movie, grab a table and make that happen. Don’t worry, there’s plenty of beer and organic California wine on hand.

But to really show her you care, you’ll make your way to the chef’s table, a sushi-bar-style counter with just half a dozen seats, where the chef will get to work on whatever six-course feast he feels like making you that night.

And for dessert: In-N-Out.

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