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Banana Chocolate Donuts on Third Street

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Ah, donuts.

So tasty. So sweet. So… in need of a retooling by a shop with a vaguely absurd name. A donut shop whose name is lowercase, in parentheses, with a weird accent-thing thrown in for good measure.

Presenting (fōnuts), a beautiful, futuristic little spot dedicated to reinvented donuts and great coffee, officially opening tomorrow from the former pastry chef at the Bazaar by José Andrés.

Now, it’s not like we need to sell you on when you might want some donuts. But you should know that these things are baked, not fried, so that means they’re a bit more cake-y than what you’d find at, say, Randy’s Donuts—and we’re just going to presume that also means they’re equally as healthy as a big bowl of kale. (Right?)

The store will be open about the same hours you’re usually in the office, so think of this place as a hideout for an afternoon pick-me-up, when you’ve got a few minutes to enjoy some LAMILL coffee and a rosemary donut dusted with olive-oil powder. Or when you’ve got a few minutes to grab a dozen or two and walk the sidewalks of Third Street in high-caloric bliss.

Inside you’ll see just a counter, some stools and a “fresh and hot” sign. Oh, and a chalkboard with that day’s offerings, which might include bacon donuts, churro donuts and the house specialty: banana chocolate donuts.

Go ahead, forward this to your West Hollywood cop friends.


8104 W 3rd St
Los Angeles, CA, 90048


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