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Dodgeball Season Is Upon Us

None A bold prediction: at some point this fall, you may find yourself feeling frustrated.

We know how crazy that sounds, but stay with us.

You may, in fact, feel the kind of frustration that’ll make you want to grab something throwable, target one worthy individual and hurl that something at his or her head.

And then grab a beer with them.

Meet WAKA Dodgeball League, the first coed dodgeball league from the good people at WAKA, taking sign-ups for the fall now.

This is like an ancient gladiator competition, only 1,000 times more dangerous (approximately). And with a happy hour immediately afterward.

You’ll start by rounding up 14 ringers for the six-on-six league (they require a very deep bench—oh, and three girls per team on the court at all times). The league will supply the jerseys but you’ll still have to make a potentially life-altering choice: your team name. (“Hurts So Good” is still available.)

Then, for eight grueling weeks, you’ll meet every Tuesday at the JCC. Here, you’ll battle the world’s best athletes for 45 minutes (and by world’s best athletes we mean the KPMG accounting team). But that’s just the start, as the competition spills over to the league’s official watering hole. Here, you’ll vie for titles like “Flip Cup Champion” or “Beer Pong Champion.”

Both of which look great on a résumé.

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