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Sleeping in a Glass Dome in Scotland

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A lot of monumental events have happened in domes.

The filming of Bio-Dome. Game 7 of the 1991 World Series. Oh, and your next impromptu whiskey tasting...

Which brings us to Ecopod Boutique Retreat, a collection of glass dome villas on the west coast of Scotland, taking reservations now.

These pods are two parts Epcot globe, one part energy-efficient luxury moon tent—what eco-conscious extraterrestrials would use if they set up camp on Earth.

So. Imagine it: a quick post-summer scotch distillery tour. You’re in Oban. And you hear the winds off Loch Linnhe calling your name. (Whiskey affects everyone differently.) Call up this place—set on a birch-lined ridge that also happens to overlook famed Castle Stalker—to reserve your dome. Oh, and you might as well ask to have your pantry stocked with some locally caught fish while you’re at it.

Once you claim your pod—all 229 square feet of it—you’ll settle into an Eames chaise, go through the gifts in your welcome hamper (scallops from the lake, maybe, and a decanter of single malt) and consider your next steps. Kayaking, abseiling and horseback riding seem like viable options. Or you could always kick back in the cedar hot tub on your terrace, look out at the mountains of Mull and consider the weighty issues.

We hear this is how William Wallace relaxed.

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