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Night at the Opera

Magnums of Bubbly and Nude Women on Couches

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With your days of pools and tiki drinks winding down, it’s never too early to start planning ahead for fall.

Especially when it involves huge bottles of champagne and nude women on couches (well, sort of).

Introducing Opera Ultra Lounge, a new subterranean haunt of cocktails, subwoofers and technological wizardry, hosting its first soft-opening events next weekend.

Now, this isn’t a giant cattle call of a nightclub. It’s more like a nightlife amphitheater—a circular room with mirrors, lighting gadgetry and an alluring eye emblazoned on the front of the DJ booth (yes, she’s looking at you).

Descend down here on a weekend night, or during one of the weeknight parties that they’ll soon be throwing, and you’ll have options: hit the bar with your date (yes, she should be in velvet elbow gloves) for a couple house cocktails like the Mozart (tequila, grapefruit, fresh lime).

Or if you had the foresight to reserve bottle service, you’ll take a seat on low, curved couches that just happen to be upholstered with images of nude women in various states of recline. Sit in the middle, and you’ll be right on top of the dance floor, as local and international DJs do their thing on the 30,000-watt sound system.

Or grab a spot around the perimeter to take in the scene—and savor your three-liter bottle of bubbly.

Two-liter bottles of bubbly: so fall 2010.


Opera Ultra Lounge
1400 I St NW
Washington, DC, 20005


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