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Heli-Skiing the Globe by Private Jet

None This is not a test. But we do have a quick question for you.

Your next ski trip is taking place in...

(a) The Alps, (b) Turkey, (c) the Himalayas, (d) Japan or (e) all of the above... plus Alaska, Vancouver, Greenland and the Arctic.

Yep, it’s (b). Okay, we’re kidding, it’s (e)...

Presenting Ski the World, a tour where you’ll heli-ski across eight different mountains in 18 days, booking now for winter departures.

We’re thinking this is remarkably close to what Shaun White’s life looks like when he’s on a post-gold snowboarding bender.

You’ll meet your guides in London before warming up your quads on familiar Alpine backcountry terrain. From there, it’s go time: every two or so days you’ll take a private jet to a new destination, from the absurdly steep drops of the Indian Himalayas to the ashtray-fine powder of Japan’s Niseko region, from the frozen seaside runs of Ammassalik to the world’s most northerly ski resort in Sweden.

And while this might sound like too much for someone who’s not (yet) Olympics-ready, there’ll be plenty of rest—along with private chefs, spa treatments and one stay on a yacht, complete with helipad.



Ski the World
via Momentum Adventure
London, UK
+44 1892 78 46 46
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