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Hurricane-Proofing Your Body

None So we’re expecting a storm.

And naturally, your hurricane preparedness kit is ready: magnum of Argentine malbec. A couple pounds of Ibérico ham. Crackers. All five seasons of The Wire.

But if the heavens unleash something furious, you may find yourself wading in unfriendly waters. And you’re going to need something tough. Lobsterman tough.

Toward this end we present Grundens Rain Wear Gear, a line of rugged, badass waterproof clothing hailing from a place with a well-documented history of men battling biblical weather: Sweden.

This is the kind of stuff Clooney and Wahlberg would have worn in The Perfect Storm. Heavy-duty PVC-coated raincoats and suspender-strapped waders able to withstand everything from hail to the occasional assault from a fishhook. The cut: big and boxy. The fit: stovepipe. The cleanup: a hose-down.

So the next time you’re called upon to brave four-foot-deep swells on the Venetian to bring your damsel her favorite smoothie, you’ll want to pair the Herkules bib pants with galoshes and maybe a pipe (for effect) and stomp with impunity—as an impermeable barrier of PVC-lined cotton is shielding you from the elements.

You’ve always wanted to stomp with impunity.


Grundens Rain Wear Gear
available at Atlantic & Gulf Fishing Supply
7000 NW 74th Ave
Miami, FL, 33166

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