The Yearling

Small-Batch Bourbon from West VA

UD - Smooth Ambler Yearling Bourbon Looks like we dodged the Great Default. Still, you never know when someone will throw a wrench in the congressional gears, the whole system will come down, and you’ll need to retreat into the hills. West Virginia sounds nice.

Correction: drinking like you’re in West Virginia sounds nice.

Presenting Smooth Ambler Yearling Bourbon, a new Mountain State whiskey available for the first time in DC starting today.

A far cry from the bathtub hooch that used to emerge from these hills, this is the kind of stuff that will fuel the fall of Rome–type revelry that may ensue tomorrow (you know, in case you stick around after all).

This small-batch whiskey (so small it comes in 375ml bottles) hails from two guys who quit their jobs and set up their stills in an industrial park, along with leather armchairs and lamps made from whiskey bottles (i.e., the American Dream). They use mountain water and local grains milled on-site, then age the booze for 14 months.

What this means for you: a smooth sipper that begs you to keep it simple over an ice cube or with a splash of water.

But you can’t live on brown liquor alone (turns out it’s a little low in protein), which is why the distillery has been producing vodka, gin and a corn-and-wheat-based, 100-proof white whiskey—all also available now in DC.

We see moonshine bottle service in your future.


Smooth Ambler Yearling Bourbon

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