A Top-Secret Hideaway on St. Barts

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There’s a time and a place for everything.

The ’60s, San Francisco: free love.

This morning, your shower: a masterful rendition of Toto’s “Africa.”

Next week, St. Barts: a deep-tissue massage.

Welcome to La Banane, an off-the-radar set of bungalows tucked away in a coconut grove on St. Barts, taking reservations now.

This place used to be run by a famed Parisian cabaret owner, and was a top-secret party destination for years. But now, instead of buxom dancers doing the cancan with pineapples on their heads, you’ll see... buxom dancers, though they probably won’t do the cancan. Or wear pineapples. Oh, and you’ll see some Le Corbusier chaises.

So when you decide to steal away from the office to get some real work done—we hear open-air showers really get the creativity flowing—you’ll seek out one of these private hideaways. Each is inspired by (and named for) designers and artists like Alexander Calder.

But since you can’t spend all your time admiring the furniture (or eating monkfish fricassee on your private terrace), you’ll want to make sure you take in the scene at the bright yellow bar, where the like-minded will be sipping mango caipirinhas and wondering aloud why no one does the cancan anymore.

You’ve been wondering the same thing.

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