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Buying Jeans off a Value Menu

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The value menu.

The most efficient and economic path to a cheeseburger and fries.

Also: a great way to order pants.

Introducing BLK DNM, a numbers-minded SoHo shop from J.Lindeberg, filled with only the sartorial nuts and bolts, now open.

So here’s what you won’t find at this place: anaconda-skin ascots, corduroy chaps or privacy in the dressing room. (The room’s back wall is actually just a couple of chains. Prepare accordingly.)

Instead, you’ll browse through a sort of greatest hits for your closet: trusty pairs of jeans, some comfortable T-shirts, cashmere sweaters. When you see something you want, signal the salesperson. Everything has been assigned a number, so if you want a cardigan, all you need to do is hold up three fingers. It also means that flipping the bird technically implies you’d like a fitted cowhide jacket. But maybe just say “one.”

And since man cannot live on denim alone, you’ll also find useful extras like a trio of Moscot shades you can’t get anywhere else. Also in the pipeline: shoes, cologne, luggage and a partnership with a yet-unnamed rock band.

Odds are it’s not Color Me Badd.


237 Lafayette St
(between Spring and Prince)
New York, NY, 10012


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