Things to do for July 28, 2011

The Weekender

Christmas Beer, Sushi and Genghis Khan

The weekend has no debt ceiling.

Getting Personal with Genghis Khan

Getting Personal with Genghis Khan

You and Genghis Khan have a lot in common: a love of conquering. The occasional experiment with creative facial hair. Compare notes at this traveling exhibit, where you can inspect his original armor, swords and jewelry. Yes, Genghis wore man jewelry.

New Cocktails at the Cedars Social

New Cocktails at the Cedars Social

Your favorite 1970s-style cocktail den is rolling out its midsummer cocktails—Prohibition-influenced libations like the Seelbach (bourbon and sparkling wine) and the Pendennis (with apricot brandy and gin). Or you can stick with the joint’s signature punch bowl of the week. Your ladle skills are second to none.

Zen Sushi Turns Four

Zen Sushi Turns Four

Birthdays are a time for reflection, cake and, of course, sushi. So the Bishop Arts spot is celebrating its fourth anniversary by serving up sushi Xalapa Rolls for $4 every time you order a signature cocktail, like the potent Purple Haze Martini. No, it doesn’t come with a free guitar solo.

Jul 29-31, Zen Sushi, 380 W 7th St, 214-946-9699

Christmas in July on the Lake

Christmas in July on the Lake

We have four words for you. Kegs. Lake. Santa Claus. For obvious reasons (okay, maybe not), the Flying Saucer is tapping kegs of its favorite Christmas brews (from Saint Arnold and St. Bernardus) on Sunday. Don’t forget your mistletoe. 

Jul 31, 11am-close, Flying Saucer, 4821 Bass Pro Dr, Garland, 972-226-0725 

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