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Shellfish and Tequila near LAX

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From LAX, you can get... anywhere in the world.

But on the way... you aren’t exactly overwhelmed with options for exotic poolside feasts.

You knew we were going to say it: until now.

Welcome to Deck 33, an alfresco home of tequila and black spaghetti overlooking a glittering pool, now soft-open in the barren, LAX-adjacent wilds of Westchester.

So next time you’ve got a few hours to kill before your flight overseas, this is the place to get into the international spirit—a leisurely patio festooned with bamboo, anchored by a large bar festooned with tequila. (Note: it also works when you’ve got a few hours to kill, period.)

Start with some Shellfish Cigars (filled with shrimp, scallops and manga salsa, they’re healthier than tobacco), and before long you and your travel mate will be working your way through fresh yellowtail crudo and bowls of black spaghetti, along with striking views of... European tourists applying sunblock.

And you’ll find this in the newly revamped Custom Hotel—so if you lose track of time or your passport falls into a round of Custom Margaritas (lodged between the crushed orange and the chipotle), just get a room.

Either way, you’ll want to pack a swimsuit.

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