Things to do for July 14, 2011

The Weekender

Pizza, Popsicles and Really Old Playboys

The weekend won’t pay a lot for that muffler.

An Exhibit of Old Playboys

An Exhibit of Old <em>Playboys</em>

Meet the Playboy Commission. A panel of international icons and cultural influencers. Their job: read Playboy for the articles (really), pick out the good stuff. Their handiwork: now on display at Partners & Spade. Stop by to see seminal Kerouac essays, peruse bizarre 1960s pictorials and relive the pre-airbrush era.

A Burlesque-Themed Bastille Day

A Burlesque-Themed Bastille Day

Nothing says Bastille Day like a rousing burlesque performance and some absinthe ice cream. So to celebrate it properly, you’ll rendezvous at 1534’s Parisian Den. In order to get in, you’ll either need to wear a mustache or red lipstick. Both should really bring out the blue in your eyes.

Jul 14, 10pm-2am, 1534, 20 Prince St, 212-966-5073

Quadrilateral-Shaped Pizza in Nolita

Quadrilateral-Shaped Pizza in Nolita

Just because you’re not in Rome right now doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do as they do. Especially where it concerns dinner. Enter Piazza 17, a new, 1940s-style trattoria that’s serving traditional Roman slices. You know the kind: square, crispy, topped with marinated artichokes and fully capable of burning the roof of your mouth.

Now open, Piazza 17, 17 Cleveland Pl, 212-334-6534

A Fest of Gourmet Franks

A Fest of Gourmet Franks

You deserve a higher class of hot dog. Just so happens Sausage Inc. is grinding up foot-long proprietary links and serving them in soft pretzel rolls with caramelized onions. Try the Thanksgiving (turkey, stuffing and cranberry, in the sausage). Exactly like Mom makes for the holidays, only concealed inside a blistering, edible casing.

Now open, Sausage Inc., 106 University Pl, 212-414-4344

A Pop-Up Popsicle Cabana

A Pop-Up Popsicle Cabana

We’re issuing a local weather advisory. It’s too damn hot out. Seek shelter immediately. Preferably here: People’s Pops’ new shaved-ice shack. You’ll use this makeshift cabana as your daily spot for frozen blueberry shiso pops till it closes in October. By which point, your core temperature should be about 68 degrees.

Now open through Oct 15, Mon-Thu, 5-10pm, Fri-Sun, noon-10pm, People’s Pops, 118 1st Ave, 347-850-2388

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