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High End Cleaning Service Uses Actors

WHAT: White Glove Elite, a unique NYC-based high-end house cleaning service started by actor couple Sarah and Jim Ireland (pictured right).

WGE lets you select your cleaner based on their specific talent...cleaning talent, that is. (e.g., cluttered closet? Ask for an "organizer." Mold in your bathroom becoming self-aware? Ask for a "scrubber").

WHO: The cleaning-impaired and anybody who's just too busy or lazy to dust (it's hard to watch Entourage while you're trying to get rid of mildew).

WHEN: White Glove can work on short notice and will give you a follow-up call to make sure everything was satisfactory. They are bonded and insured, so if someone pulls a De Niro's maid and breaks or steals your stuff you should have some recourse.

HOW MUCH: $22 an hour (plus tip) for occasional visits, with a minimum of four hours. Have them come every two weeks and the rate drops to $19 an hour.

WHY: No one's quite sure why, but girls hate dirt and parents favor tidiness. Get better results when ladies come back to your place, and make mom and dad proud (note: WGE does not guarantee success with the ladies or love from your family).


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