Things to do for July 07, 2011

The Weekender

Sushi, the Onion and Flamenco Dancing

The weekend has locked out the rest of the week.

A Day of Tapas and Flamenco Dancing

A Day of Tapas and Flamenco Dancing

Last year around this time, you were running from a bull. But enough about your marathon training—let’s talk Pamplona. To celebrate the running, Cafe Madrid is serving up tapas and bringing in flamenco dancers as well as a bull. Well, technically a person in a bull costume. But still.

Jul 9, 5pm-midnight, Cafe Madrid, 4501 Travis St, 214-528-1731

Gratis Fly-Fishing Lessons

Gratis Fly-Fishing Lessons

You want to be active, but not when it’s so hot your ceiling fan’s sweating. Enter fly-fishing. Orvis is offering free three-hour lessons in the store and on the water. This should also get you in shape for starring in A River Runs Through It 2: Electric Boogaloo.

Jul 9, 10, 16 and 17, no cost, Orvis, 8300 Preston Rd, 214-265-1600, call for reservations

Half-Off Wine at Steel

Half-Off Wine at Steel

Sundays and sushi, a timeless combination since... well, since this Sunday. That’s when Steel starts serving up volcano rolls and wine for half off. Not that your Sundays weren’t volcanic enough already.

Sundays, Steel, 3180 Welborn St, 214-219-9908

Homegrown Movies at the Angelika

Homegrown Movies at the Angelika

This Monday the Angelika’s screening three films that were made in Texas by Texas filmmakers, including I Become Gilgamesh and God’s Pub. Oh, and there’s a bar where you can grab a pint or a cocktail—presumably also made in Texas.

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