Things to do for June 30, 2011

The Weekender

Lobster Rolls, Breakfast Pizza and Kobayashi

The weekend didn’t land on Plymouth Rock. Plymouth Rock landed on the weekend.<br />

A Seaside Lobster Truck in Montauk

A Seaside Lobster Truck in Montauk

The plan’s to pack light for the Hamptons this weekend. Which means you’ll be procuring all lobster rolls on-site. Lucky for you, there’s a restored ’67 Airstream that’s parked down by the beach and stuffing toasted buns with fresh claw and knuckle meat. Think of it as surf and surf.

An Outdoor Summer Concert Series
PS1’S and 2’S

An Outdoor Summer Concert Series

It’s still a bit early to officially determine what the soundtrack to your summer will be. But we anticipate several potential tracks emerging at PS1 Warm Up, the annual/experimental outdoor concert series curated by a special MoMA committee. Yes, the majority of the music will probably be art-house.

Jul 2, 2-9pm, PS1 Warm Up, 22-25 Jackson Ave, LIC, 718-784-2084

Pizza and Pancake Brunch at Rubirosa

Pizza and Pancake Brunch at Rubirosa

The bacon, egg and cheese. For generations, we’ve believed it belonged on a roll. Then Rubirosa opened for brunch and proved us all wrong. The new truth: breakfast pizza topped with caramelized onion, crispy bacon and runny yolk. Aka, the single best reason to set an alarm on Saturday. An alarm for 3pm.

Sat-Sun, 11:30am-4pm, Rubirosa, 235 Mulberry St, 212-965-0500

Tenet Opens a Boozy Lemonade Stand

Tenet Opens a Boozy Lemonade Stand

Should you stop by Tenet this holiday weekend, you may notice something strange mixed amongst the racks of Rag & Bone, Gitman Bros. and Not A Gallery art. A fully operational lemonade stand. They call it performance art. You call it a guy handing out free lemon/vodka cocktails while you shop.

Sat-Mon, 2-6pm, (Not A) Lemonade Stand at Tenet, 91 Main St, Southampton

A Via-Satellite Hot Dog Eating Bout

A Via-Satellite Hot Dog Eating Bout

You’re a sucker for cutthroat binge eating. So you’ll watch the Nathan’s Hot Dog Challenge from 230 Fifth this year, where banned Japanese sensation and six-time champion Kobayashi will compete via satellite. There’ll be a full BBQ menu available. In the event you’re not completely nauseous.

Jul 4, doors open 10:30am, 230 Fifth, 230 5th Ave, 212-725-4300

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