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Winter in the Summer in Tahoe

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Skiing in the winter: no surprise.

Skiing in the summer: no surprise... if you’re in Argentina.

Or in Tahoe in a strong La Niña year...

Enter West Shore Inn—a newly reopened, six-suite lakefront hotel packing summer and winter sports into one day—taking reservations now in Lake Tahoe.

Now, you know that summer skiing is a rare event, but after getting 71 feet of snow this year, there’s still enough of a base to ride the slopes at Alpine Meadows or Homewood, even on a mid-70-degree day.

Think of this rustic mountain inn as your launching point for the aforementioned skiing, as well as all the summer stuff on the lake. You’ll drop in on a place that—after being closed for nearly two years and undergoing extensive renovations—has its own pier and beach for everything from a little kayaking or stand-up paddleboarding to taking a cruise around the lake. (All with your own boat valet to assist you upon your return to the inn.)

And since your two choices are lake view or mountain view suites—both with floor-to-ceiling windows (we suggest the Marlette Peak Suite)—we couldn’t blame you for setting up in your room and ordering up a bottle of bubbly.

And maybe save skiing for tomorrow...


West Shore Inn
5160 W Lake Blvd
Homewood, CA, 96141


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