Things to do for June 23, 2011

The Weekender

Bottomless Brunch, a Secret Speakeasy and Tacos in the Sky

If you cut the weekend, does it not bleed?

Tacos on a Roof

Tacos on a Roof

You’d circumnavigate the globe for a tray of authentic mahi-mahi tacos. So, up a flight of stairs: no problem. Enter Y Tacos, a roof-stationed lunch iteration of the classic taqueria food truck, complete with tortilla-tucked carne asada and cotija-cheese-coated corn on the cob. Commence siesta-ing immediately.

Mon-Fri, 11:30am-3pm, Y Tacos above Zengo, 622 3rd Ave, 212-808-8110

50% Off A.P.C.

50% Off A.P.C.

Bad news: that whole “no shirt, no shoes, no pants” policy isn’t going to be abolished anytime soon. So, unfortunately, you’re going to need some form of clothing this summer. We’re thinking the basics, like A.P.C.’s T-shirts, short-sleeve chambrays and jeans broken in by butlers. Okay, so basics for Bruce Wayne.

Through mid-July, A.P.C., 131 Mercer St, 212-966-9685

Rhong Tiam’s Secret VIP Speakeasy

Rhong Tiam’s Secret VIP Speakeasy

The last thing you want from a takeout joint is an element of mystery, but when a Thai hole-in-the-wall tries tucking a secret bar behind a pay phone protected by a six-digit password, you’ll bite. Knowledge of the code gets you a free first round for life. And the afterlife, assuming there’s a Rhong Tiam in heaven.

Slated to open Jun 24, Rhong Tiam Express, 154 Orchard St, 212-260-7539

An Eternity of Peach Bellinis at G-50

An Eternity of Peach Bellinis at G-50

You’re coming to a bottomless brunch for one thing... repeated an infinite amount of times. But for once, it’d be nice if the food did more than sop up champagne. Meet G-50, the great egg-white hope that’s serving the kind of Warm Goat Cheese Soufflé that pairs perfectly with an endless procession of cocktails.

Sat-Sun starting Jun 25, 11am-4pm, G-50 Bar & Grill, 208 E 50th St, 212-888-1788

Colonizing Brunch at Monument Lane

Colonizing Brunch at Monument Lane

If there were ever a time for history to repeat itself, it would be brunch. Starting this Sunday, you’ll make the first meal of the day a Colonial-inspired feast at Monument Lane. Order the Breakfast Poutine with short rib gravy and a generously poured Old Fashioned with no taxation without representation.

Sundays starting Jun 26, 11:30am-4pm, Monument Lane, 103 Greenwich Ave, 212-255-0155

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