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A New Sandwich Shop on Westwood

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Consider the sandwich.

Like with people and books, it’s what’s inside that counts.

You need intrigue. You need surprise. You need some tender, tender short rib.

Introducing Fundamental, a minimalist modern shrine to the act of putting delicious things between bread, now open on Westwood Boulevard.

It looks sort of like a modern art gallery in here—white walls, some dangling bare bulbs. But instead of abstract paintings: sandwiches. (Think of the tray as a frame.)

So next time you grab lunch with coworkers at the counter or one of a few tables, you’ll see a constantly changing menu that may have you pondering the subtle nuances of your porchetta on brioche or the bold strokes of your grilled short rib with dandelion greens. And you’ll want to give proper attention to the colorful grilled cheese (made with peaches, burrata and arugula) and the radish and apple soup.

And one day soon, you’ll discover this lunch spot has a secret weapon up its sleeve: dinner. Around the time they get their beer and wine license in a few weeks, you’ll enjoy your sandwich after dark with a glass of Roagna red from Piedmont or a König Pilsener.

It’s a powerful statement on the nature of beer.


1303 Westwood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90024


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