Buyer | 10 Pool Party and Pop-Up Shop

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Pool Partying with Models

UD - Buyer | 10 Pool Party and Pop-Up Shop Okay, we confirmed it: on Thursday afternoon, you have a doctor’s appointment.

So cancel your two o’clock. Push your calls. And alert the interns. This checkup could take a while.

To be clear: by doctor’s appointment we mean pool party. With models. So essentially the same thing...

Meet the Buyer | 10 Pool Party and Pop-Up Shop, a bubbly soiree where swimsuited fashionistas will happen to be lounging poolside, this Thursday at Hotel ZaZa.

First things first: yes, this is really happening. The inspired minds at Buyer | 10 are inviting their stylist and model friends to celebrate the holy union of pool partying and shopping. So while you’re probably not in the market for a Vera Wang dress, we thought you might want to schedule a mojito break.

Here’s the game plan: inside the Dragonfly at ZaZa, high-heeled fashion types will peruse the racks of clothes as a DJ plays. But you don’t belong there. You belong outside at the pool, where sun goddesses will be perfecting their tans. You’ll casually unwind with frozen towels and complimentary popsicles while discussing the merits of Blue Steel with your leggy new friends.

Oh, and FYI: to infiltrate such a party, first you must like the Buyer | 10 Facebook page to get on the list.

And don’t worry: everyone returns from the doctor’s office with a base tan.


Buyer | 10 Pool Party and Pop-Up Shop
at Hotel ZaZa
2332 Leonard St
Dallas, TX, 75201

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