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An Italian Suit in 30 Minutes or Less

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It could happen at any moment.

The phone rings. You pick up. Everything changes.

It’s the Professional Seersucker Poker League of America (yes, the PSPLoA).

They’re calling you up to the show. Tonight.

Good thing we know a place that’s custom tailoring suits in 30 minutes or less.

The name: Suitsupply, a formerly Europe-only men’s shop that’s setting the land speed record for altering off-the-rack summer wares, now open.

What you’re looking at here is the sartorially superior version of Clark Kent’s phone booth. An ultramodern, color-coordinated Broome Street showroom that’s complete with a shirt bar, a cadre of personal stylists and two full-time seamstresses at the ready.

So you’ll drop in unannounced (perhaps during a brunch date that takes a turn for you meeting her parents at the 21 Club), partner up with a stylist (we’ll call him Monroe) and immediately get to work on your white linen masterpiece. He’ll take your measurements and prep the suit for tailoring. One Seinfeld episode later... it’s done.

If you want a little more tinkering (say, some different-colored buttons or a new lining), they’ll need till end of day. In three days, they can do full made-to-measure. And by the time fall rolls around, they’ll have a line of tuxedos on hand for instant alterations.

Which is perfect, because that’s shotgun wedding season.


453 Broome St
(at Mercer St)
New York, NY, 10013


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