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Craft Cocktails and Wine on Tap on 16th Street

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There’s been a lot of focus on the color green lately. Tees. Fairways. Greens, for crying out loud.

You could use a change of pace. Like a whole lot of red. Also: a good, stiff cocktail.

Welcome to Bar Rouge, the intimate little lounge in the Hotel Rouge, now reborn with a panoply of new drinks, small plates and canoodling-ready nooks.

Imagine spending an evening in an early White Stripes photo shoot. That’s what this is like, only with a lot more rum.

If you’ve been here in the past, you’ll recognize the color scheme: white and red. But now, after its recent face-lift, you’ll walk on a sparkly red tile floor, you’ll gaze up at black-and-white murals of Venus statues on the ceiling (she always puts you in the mood), and you’ll sit in wingback chairs of white faux leather.

You’ll want to show up at happy hour, when you can get red or white wine (on tap, no less) or the house punch for four bucks. But you can also claim a seat for the long haul.

And we’d recommend doing so in the Dark Room, a kind of antechamber with red ceilings and upholstered walls where things will get more serious—at least in the form of cocktails like the Taurus 38 Special, a combination of cachaça, prosecco and blueberry-sage syrup made with herbs grown on the roof.

You’ve given up on herbs grown in the closet.

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