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Oven-Fired Pizzas and Brunch on Fitzhugh

You know Complicated. You like Complicated.

He sips well-aged scotch. He eats foie gras with barbecue sauce. He brings backup singers to karaoke bars.

But today, we turn to Complicated’s old nemesis: Simple. And he’s firing up the pizza oven as we speak.

Introducing RedFork, a new off-the-beaten-path haunt from two chefs with roots at Craft and the recently closed York Street (moment of silence, please), serving dinner Monday.

Now you may find yourself here on a casual date. Or for a late-night pizza after a casual date. Or for a boozy brunch after late-night pizza after a casual date.

And when you do, you’ll find the joint’s nothing fancy: dark tabletops, long brown banquettes and a brick wall with mirrors. But there is one piece of decor you’ll want to notice and it’s in the back: it’s the wood-fired pizza oven.

Here’s why. It’ll be firing up smoked chicken pizza with roasted peppers, ricotta and pesto, perfect for late-night grease-and-cheese runs. (Come next Sunday, it’ll also produce a brunch pizza topped with a farm egg.) But on occasion—say, your next quick date—you’ll give the oven a rest and order up some spicy meatballs and a hanger steak.

But now you’re with Complicated again.


2537 N Fitzhugh Ave
Dallas, TX, 75204

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