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You’ve never been one to rush a good thing.

Cocktails at lunch can lazily turn into afternoon drinks can turn into dinner can turn into late-night shenanigans can turn into... well, you get the point.

Introducing Bluestem Brasserie, an open-all-day behemoth of a modern steakhouse with a second-story patio bar, opening next Thursday and taking reservations now.

Like any brasserie you’d find in France, this one—with deep, ultrasuede booths and a sweeping staircase leading toward the outdoor terrace—has that sort of relaxed feel of a very spacious extension of your living room.

Now, don’t let the brasserie concept throw you. You’ll find as many steaks and cocktails here as at any other steakhouse. It’s just that you’ll also notice a slight European influence in the charcuterie plates, steamed mussels appetizer and entrées of acorn-fed pork and slow-cooked goat.

Since you can order from just about the same menu at any seat day or night, you could take over a cozy tufted booth in the lounge or take an upstairs table for a bird’s-eye view of the floor below.

All of this will be irrelevant on a nice day, when you can head upstairs to the outdoor terrace—endowed with its own cocktail bar and nearly a one-to-one table-to-heat-lamp ratio.

The French have sidewalks, we have rooftops...


Bluestem Brasserie
1 Yerba Buena Ln
(at Market St)
San Francisco, CA, 94103


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