Come Fly Away

Taking a Seaplane to the Hamptons

Today, we’d like to perform a miracle.

And take you to the Hamptons in 30 minutes.

But you should also thank Jimmy Buffett, because none of this would be possible without him...

Introducing Fly The Whale, a shared charter seaplane service that’ll carry you from the East River to the East End in a craft that once belonged to Mr. Margaritaville, available now.

Whoever said life is about the journey, not the destination, probably owned a private amphibious carrier. Because between the in-flight beer cart, streaming satellite radio and unobstructed view of the unfortunate souls sitting in gridlock below, this is very much a party on two pontoons.

So once you’ve booked a seat (or rented out the entire cabin) on Whale Force One, head east on 23rd Street till you find your ride floating in the river. Don’t worry, this is normal. At that point, you’ll board the airliner, help yourself to the contents of the onboard cooler—and by the time you’ve finished a beverage or two, it’ll already be time to return tray tables to their upright position.

And because there always seems to be a champagne sparkler expo you’re running late to or a yacht christening that requires a dramatic entrance (read: water landing), UD Perks has secured you an insider deal for discounted tickets with Buffett Air.

Though you’ll still have to call dibs on the window seat.

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