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Beer Brownies and Whiskey Cookies

UD - Batch from Scratch Once upon a time, peanut butter met jelly, and the world was good.

Sometime later, vodka met olives, and the world was better.

And today, beer meets brownies, and the world is... pretty much the same. But still, you have to try these things.

Introducing Batch from Scratch, a local bakery offering beer brownies and other boozy baked goods, available online now and at Scoops Westside starting this weekend.

Known as the Black & Tan, this is what you’ll need to order next time you’re in charge of bringing beer and dessert to your friend’s barbecue. The rich, fudgy brownies are topped with pretzels and a butterscotch-ale ganache—and each pan has a bottle’s worth of dark stout in the batter, making the brownies both extremely moist and extremely beery.

And because alcohol can’t help but improve just about any dessert, Batch is also selling Whiskey Iced Ginger Cherry cookies (think gingersnaps with whiskey-soaked cherries and whiskey icing). Soon, they’ll add Rum Raisin cookies.

If you’re thinking these would work well as Father’s Day gifts, now’s a good time to order online. If you’re thinking these would be great gifts to yourself, you could also drop by Scoops Westside this weekend, when they’ll start pairing their infamously weird ice creams with Batch from Scratch creations.

BYO sprinkles.

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