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Mini-Golf and Beach Volleyball in Tribeca

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You’re not intimidated by clown mouths.

Or windmills for that matter.

In fact, you have the uncanny ability to step on a mini-golf course at any given moment and go full Mickelson.

But until this very moment, you had to leave Manhattan to demonstrate your mastery of the greens.

Welcome to Pier 25, a newly renovated public wharf in Tribeca with professional beach volleyball courts, a freezer full of Good Humor and the putt-putt equivalent to Winged Foot, now open.

Think of this as a summer slice of Santa Monica that’s been grafted onto the West Side Highway. The vibe: laid-back shore vacation. The view: Freedom Tower unobstructed. The greens: gently sloping left to right.

So you’ll gather your golfing buddies into a proper foursome and strike out for this riverside esplanade in the name of Saturday afternoon skins play. When you arrive, you’ll find a well-maintained miniature 18 that looks a little like the town of Bedrock. Which essentially means there’ll be a cave-covered par-three. And your club also functions as a primitive tool for hunting/gathering.

Now because the true measure of any golf course is really in the après action, you’ll take comfort in knowing that a cooler full of Chocolate Eclairs and a sandbox lined with competition-sanctioned volleyball nets await after you turn in your scorecard.

If you’re planning on playing volleyball, it’s BYO-Loggins.

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