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Carpooling in a Private Jet

UD - Social Flights You’ve got places to be.

They might involve a certain music festival in Tennessee, or they might involve a week of pulled pork and free love in the mountains of Quebec. Either way, you’re in a hurry to get there.

So the only reasonable thing to do is hitch a ride on a private plane.

Introducing Social Flights, a new website hooking you up with a private jet for your next summer pilgrimage, online now.

It’s basically carpooling for private jets. So when you and two (or 20) of your closest friends set out for a vision quest/barbecue on a small Pacific island, you’ll just request a flight for your itinerary and let Social Flights know exactly how large your entourage is. Within 24 hours, you’ll have price quotes and schedules at your disposal.

And if you decide to follow up your island stay with a solo trek to somewhere in Southeast Asia (you’re not picky), check out the “empty legs” section of the site. The site has a map of all the booked flights with empty seats on them—so if any of the destinations look tempting (Manchester, Tennessee, for instance), you can get there without security lines and hobnob with a few well-heeled strangers on the way.

Bring your roadie.

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