The Drop

The Anti Social Networking Site

So last weekend's beach party got a little out of hand, and the pictures turned out too scandalous for your Facebook page. Even your computer's suspect, given the Big Brother-like reach of your company's IT guy. But if no one sees it, it's like it never happened...

Welcome to Drop.io, a quick, disposable online hiding place, workspace and safe house for privately sharing up to 100MBs of whatever's too hot for Flickr.

First, there's no login name and even the password is optional. Just name your page (sadly, "drop.io/hamptons whipped cream party" is taken), upload the goods and leave the page open for your friends to contribute their own pictures of the late-night hot-tub pillow fight. If you don't want the page sticking around too long, you can set the page to self-destruct after a day, a week or a month. You can even call the page to leave a voicemail that gets converted to an mp3, in case the pictures don't speak for themselves.

Of course, it's not all pictures. Drop.io will work for anything from the quarterly report to your spec script for Gossip Girl. It'll even fax or text-message documents and set up a conference call to aid in your collaborative process.

Actually, the collaborative process is what got you in trouble in the first place.

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