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Milkshakes and Burgers Next to the Fox

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Sometimes dinner isn’t enough.

Dinner and a show: closer.

A private dinner in a train car and a secret passageway to a theater next door: you’ve got a winner.

Introducing Rudy’s Can’t Fail Cafe, a kitschy, all-American diner turning out burgers, boozy milkshakes and all-day breakfast with a hidden theater-access door, opening next week adjacent to the Fox Theater.

If you’ve been to the original spot, you’ll like that this one is equipped with a full bar. But it’s really the private access to the Fox Theater from the shiny, 10-person dining car booth (think: the Orient Express meets the Jetsons) that makes it your go-to spot when you’re seeing a show.

Like any diner, you can expect a fair amount of booths, but here the booths are lorded over by a bizarre 40-foot Doll Walk of Fame consisting of 116 dolls—Planet of the Apes, Michael Jackson, Ken and Barbie—all dressed in Rudy’s uniforms.

Which means you should probably set your sights on the 10-seater in the back, or stop in as late as 1am for a double-patty Monster Burger with double bacon, and the Guinness, chocolate ice cream and espresso concoction, Shakin’ Jesse.

If the dolls look like they’re walking, you’ve had enough.


Rudy’s Can’t Fail Cafe
1805 Telegraph Ave
(at 18th)
Oakland, CA, 94612


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