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Holy Toledo

A Blue-Collar Bar with Great Beer

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You’ve got nothing against white tablecloth joints that serve Kobe beef. Well, except that they’re rarely illuminated by neon “DINNER” signs.

And there’s rarely enough Creedence on the jukebox. Or a jukebox, for that matter.

What you need this weekend: the kind of place that positively welcomes some dirt under your fingernails.

A place like Toledo Lounge, officially reopening tomorrow (with a keg of Great Lakes Christmas Ale on tap) to give your weekend a little blue-collar cred.

Upon stepping inside, you’ll still be greeted by the helpful “Vintage Liquor” sign. But you’ll now see exposed ceilings, eight draft lines and a menu that pays equal homage to Toledo, Ohio, and Toledo, Spain.

So you can take up a table under the vintage Mobil Oil Pegasus sign and order up chorizo-stuffed fried olives, as well as grilled cheese and meat loaf.

But your best bet is the tiny corner table just big enough for two that will have your back to the room (not advisable if you’re a member of the Cosa Nostra). From there, you’ll have a close look at the draft and bottle list on the chalkboard, which runs the gamut from obscure German pilsners to Schlitz.

You’ll also have easy access to the old-school analog (and free) jukebox, the better to dominate the room with Johnny Cash and the Pogues.

Ohio bars still deserve Irish drinking songs.

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