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Opening Night at Gordon Ramsay

If last night's debut of Gordon Ramsay caught you in a rare state of unpreparedness, you should know that the large bar area has three oversized tables, one of which is a giant communal slab—so there's plenty of room for a spontaneous, non-reservation meal until word gets out. (Uh, oops.) Herewith, our thorough summary of Night One, in convenient list form:

Customers at bar at 5pm sharp: 5

Giant golden lights pivoting over the bar that would be equally suitable over a dentist's chair: 2

Average price of nine specialty cocktails: about $16

Percentage sampled in the name of research: 66

Rank of the Spiced Pineapple Mojito among all contenders: 1

Highest recorded ratio of staffers to customers in the bar area: 14 to 2

Private dining rooms: 5

Items on bar menu utilizing bacon: 4

Items on dinner menu utilizing braised pig's heads: 1

Towering mullets: 1

Toweringly mulleted men who donned sunglasses to move from bar to table: 1

Lonely-looking women who appeared to have been stood up: 5

Percentage whose dates eventually showed: 100

English-accented obscenities overheard from behind the kitchen
doors: 0

Sightings of Ramsay himself: 0


Gordon Ramsay at the London
1020 N. San Vicente Blvd
(S. of Sunset)
West Hollywood
West Hollywood, CA, 90069

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