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A Library of Whiskey in Adams Morgan

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We hope you’re sitting down. Because today, we’ll be throwing some ridiculous numbers at you. Like...

  • 5, the number of bars you’ll find at this new temple of whiskey in Adams Morgan.
  • 1,400, the number of liquors they’ll have on hand when they throw open their doors in early June. (Feel free to make flash cards.)

The name of this holy wonderland: Jack Rose Dining Saloon.

This is the kind of place where, like an early romantic encounter at summer camp, you literally may not know what to try first.

For an impromptu happy hour to celebrate your company’s stock split, you’ll want to ascend the steps to the cedar-clad roof deck, where a grillmaster will roast whole pigs at the outdoor pit. For your next high-dollar fund-raiser, you’ll want to book the adjacent private room with its copper-and-tile smoking deck.

But as the sun goes down, head downstairs into the main dining room, where the enormously long granite bar and leather booths won’t distract you from the hundreds of whiskey bottles lining the walls (the bartenders need rolling ladders to get to it all). Similarly, your curiosity over the steak Delmonico may not outweigh your curiosity over what rare scotches like Bruichladdich 1984 or Tullibardine 1993 taste like.

And then there’s the basement “Prohibition Room,” opening in a few weeks, complete with vintage slot machines, a gilded cash register and an optional back-alley entrance.

Nothing is actually prohibited down there.


Jack Rose Dining Saloon
2007 18th St NW
(at Florida Ave)
Washington, DC, 20009


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