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An Argentine Steakhouse on Wheels

UD - Che Grill We’ve got nothing against the typical Argentine steakhouse.

The tango. The wine. The gaucho pants.

But sometimes you want to ditch the tables and the waiters and go for something a little more... mobile.

Which brings us to Che Grill, the city’s first South American steakhouse on wheels, now rolling on our streets and generating aromas of grilled meats and fresh-baked empanadas.

Think of this blue and white truck as a roving Buenos Aires beef temple (minus the leggy polo players and free-flowing malbec). You’ll find four types of sandwiches served on house-baked bread and made with Argentine cuts of meat: the vacio (flank steak), entraña (skirt steak), churrasco (barbecued steak) and choripán (sausage). And everything’s smothered in a garlicky chimichurri parsley sauce (like a sexier version of pesto).

The urban cowboys running this show will be hitting the regular food truck meetups on a nightly basis. So—Tuesdays are up in North Miami, Wednesdays are Cauley Square, and Thursdays it’s the rally at Century Marketplace. Of course, following them on Twitter makes this all easier on you.

Might want to bring your own malbec.

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