Rock the Kasbah

Off-Roading in the Moroccan Desert

5 Photos Desert Road Rally
UD - Desert Road Rally 5 Photos Desert Road Rally
Getting off the grid. You know how it’s done.

What you need is a more challenging testing ground.

The Sahara should do...

Presenting the Desert Road Rally, a seven-day 4x4 excursion across Morocco, taking reservations now for September and November departures.

This is basically like The Cannonball Run in the desert... well, except it’s not a race, and Dom DeLuise will not be making an appearance.

You’ll start in Ouarzazate, where you and your group will convene for a quick safety briefing. Then, you’ll travel by guided convoy along the fabled Paris-Dakar Rally route toward the first of two camps. Your bedroom: a white tent. Bathroom: en suite. Food: cooked fireside. Chance of a hot shower: strong.

Once off-road, you’ll caravan across unmarked desert tracks before being dispatched on the dunes with only a GPS, a two-way radio and your superior sense of direction. Your driving instructor’s a guy who managed logistics for the Paris-Dakar, so he’ll be the one teaching you how to desand a lug nut.

Then you’ll head to more far-flung places like the fortified village of Aït Benhaddou and eventually Marrakech, where the Road of a Thousand Kasbahs will be your route.

Because 1,001 kasbahs would be ridiculous.

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