It’s a Gas

BBQing with Ex-Google Chefs

UD - Gastronaut Weeks—months, really—have passed since the last long weekend.

Well, the last official one. (We’re pretty sure that was you with Diane Kruger at Cannes.)

Either way, it’s time to get excited for next weekend.

Or at least start planning your pig roast...

Enter Gastronaut, a full-service catering outfit run by former chefs at Google, ready to handle anything from intimate barbecues to extravagant blowouts, accepting reservations now.

The duo’s fed presidents (Clinton, Obama) and The Greatest (Ali) while at Google. So they can probably handle your bodyguards—and ensure you won’t go hungry.

You’ll call them up a week or two in advance of your blowout and lay out your vision. Full-on open-pit rotisserie pig roasts: done. A mac and cheese bar with duck confit, bacon and chorizo: no problem. An authentic yakitori station: easy. A Star Wars–themed buffet: doable, but... maybe not ideal for hosting prospective VCs. (Or, we suppose, very ideal.)

And if you’re thinking you’d like to have their services on hand on a daily basis, you should know that soon they’ll be cooking prepackaged meals and throwing an underground pop-up.

If you can Google it, it’s possible.


5919 3rd St
San Francisco, CA, 94124

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