Critical Flower Delivery

You forgot her birthday (again), stalled too long when asked if she looked fat in her jeans and got caught checking out her leggy best friend at the beach. Then again, who hasn't?

Lucky for you, there's savemyass.com. The aptly titled flower delivery service was made to help keep your, well, ass out of the doghouse. Enter your woman's birthday, anniversary and any other important dates and her flowers will be automatically delivered when the time comes.

There's also a "just because" option that delivers flowers "randomly" every four to six weeks and a "panic button" feature that lets you state the severity of your situation from "Please help" to "She's throwing things" to "I'm afraid for my life" to get flowers sent out ASAP. They use established companies like FTD, only charge an additional $5 for the service and email you a courtesy reminder a few days ahead so you won't look confused when she mentions her surprise (or gives you yours).

The month-old site is the brainchild of Evite co-founder Al Lieb and "Am I Hot Or Not?" co-founder James Hong. "I just remember thinking, how do people maintain relationships when everyone is working all the time?" Among the more popular features? "The panic button was initially a joke concept, but it's actually being used quite a bit." Shocking, we know.

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