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Scotch and Steaks in a Fairfax Tavern

On Mondays, you get hit with a barrage of noise. Allow us to cut through it with some important keywords.

Scotch. Beer. Steaks. Late-night. Fairfax.

In case you need more...

Welcome to Rosewood Tavern, the next much-anticipated neighborhood spot from the owner of the Bowery, officially opening Friday at Fairfax and Rosewood.

Like most of the owner’s places (District, Mercantile, Delancey), this one already feels well-worn and full of stories, a cavernous hall of concrete and open beams that gives you the sense everybody’s been sitting around the beat-up communal table, slinging scotch and carving into steaks, for years.

As for that meat: it’ll come in the form of chops, Steak and Ale Pie or a Slow-Roasted Beef Dip Sandwich (it’s sort of like a French dip, but not). And in addition to the deep list of scotches on hand, you’ll also see a big chalkboard on the wall listing all 28 beers on tap, from O’Hara’s Irish Stout to Eel River Triple Exultation.

Quadruple exultation would be too much.
Note: <a href="" target="_blank">Rosewood Tavern</a>, opening Friday (possibly soft-open Thursday, call first), 323-944-0980


Rosewood Tavern
448 N Fairfax Ave
(at Rosewood)
Los Angeles, CA, 90036
323-944 0980

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