The Royal Treatment

A Journey to the Royal Family’s Kilt Guy

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You have a trusted inner circle.

Your pasta: handmade by Mario Batali. Your wetsuits: customized by a member of the Cousteau family.

So when you need a kilt—and really, when don’t you—you turn to the royals...

Introducing the Highland Dress Bespoke Service, a stop by the queen’s kilt guy, now included with your next train trip through the British countryside, taking reservations now.

Here’s how this works. You’ll start in Edinburgh, where you’ll be taken to the Kinloch Anderson showroom to be fitted.

Now, you can order trousers or a waistcoat in the train’s signature tartan, but we’d recommend going the way of the royals and sticking with a kilt. (Hey, if it’s good enough for the Duke of Edinburgh and the Prince of Wales...)

The process then takes eight to 10 weeks, so you’ll kill time the only way you know how—sprawled out in the observation car of The Royal Scotsman, sipping scotch as you jaunt past lochs, links courses and the Forth Bridge. And while you wait, the tailor will provide you with a non-bespoke version, so you’ll have plenty of chances to get used to wearing a skirt before yours arrives in the mail.

Fit really is king.


Highland Dress Bespoke Service
via The Royal Scotsman
Edinburgh Waverley Station
101-103 Princes St
Edinburgh, UK
official website


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