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Turning Your Tweets into Dessert

UD - Pegmo If you like something, you’re willing to pay for it. Only logical. But the truth is, that’s backwards.

If you like something, it should pay you.

Introducing Pegmo, a new Chicago startup able to turn your social media musings into pure gold—or, at the very least, a gratis dessert or two, online now.

Think about it: in the course of your evening, you’re out there. Doing things. Eating at places. Drinking drinks. Wowing the leggy hostess with your incredible recall of her name, her dog’s name and the name of her friend with the Swedish accent (though, honestly, Inga was just an educated guess).

Now, you assume—correctly, we might add—your legion of followers wants to know every detail. Whip out your phone. Check in on Foursquare. Hit a “Like” button. Crow about the sublime foie gras chili. Sure, the world is now better off, but as for you...

This is where Pegmo comes in. Businesses sign up (the roster is small but respectable at this point). They make simple requests. Like us on Facebook. Listen to a song. Follow us on Twitter. Introduce yourself to our hostess. Objectives you probably already accomplished.

Each task gets you “pegs” you accumulate to redeem for... stuff. A free dessert (Province). A reservation at a place that doesn’t take reservations (Davanti Enoteca). Malted Custard French Toast (Jam).

Malted french toast, finally legal tender.

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