Bad Dog Taqueria

Dog Days

A Polished New Taqueria in Emory Village

Quick, find a mirror.

Now look directly into it and repeat after us:

“I am an amazing swimmer. I was born with a full beard, and I don’t know anyone else who can legitimately say that. And I am literally... literally about to tear this weekend apart.”

Boom. Happy Friday.

And now, let’s randomly talk about tacos...

Welcome to Bad Dog Taqueria, a slick new safe house of pork belly tacos and fat samosa burritos—if all goes well, look for a soft-opening late next week in Emory Village.

In short: this is where you’ll go when you need to eat tacos. But as you open the door and prepare to do just that, you may find your needs... evolving. Because rather than stumbling upon another kitsch-tastic taco joint, you’re dealing with a minimalist, white-on-white refuge, dripping with exposed brick and dark hardwoods.

Once you find the bar (hint: it’s that huge repurposed tree right in front of you), you’ll settle in and sift through an impressive roster of amazingly named soft tacos like the Tastes Like Chicken (plantain-encrusted chicken, creamy cilantro sauce) and the Snooki, with spicy beef ragu and queso fresco.

Oh, and there aren’t any servers, but once they clinch the liquor license (might be BYOB for a while), you’ll be able to grab a seat on the patio and summon handcrafted cocktails using the Bad Dog iPhone app.

Or you could just get up and go to the bar.

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