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Re: Your Memorial Day Flight

Air travel is a jungle these days, even with the internet at your side. Luckily, you just got one more tool to keep you from missing that connection to Bonaire.

Introducing Delaycast, a site dedicated to giving you a head's up on flight delays before they happen.

Think of Delaycast as a modern-day Nostradamus, stat junkie and horse-racing handicapper rolled into one: It uses mathematical models of U.S. air traffic to predict future delays and cancellations. Just enter the two airports and departure time in the main page, and brace yourself as you discover what the FAA has in store for you this weekend. You'll get the odds of departing on time, the odds of cancellation and the length of delay you should plan for. (You'll find that last part particularly helpful on tight connections.)

As a bonus for we metropolitans, they've put together detailed profiles of the New York airports (see JFK, LaGuardia and Newark stats here), so in the future you'll know average departure delays and airline breakdowns before you even touch Expedia.

As for your current flight: It might be time to research the nightlife hotspots of Terminal 6.

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