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Introducing the Robo-Hotel

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You can’t believe everything you see in the movies.

Case in point: robots.

Turns out, they’re not just cold-blooded machines sent to take over the world.

Some are actually tremendous at safeguarding your dopp kit.

Welcome to Yotel, an LED-backlit science fiction set piece that’s been transformed into Midtown’s newest hotel and terrace bar, taking reservations now for June.

We have it on good authority that at some point this summer you’ll want to recalibrate, reboot or just let loose with a bunch of futuristic tourists. So you’ll retreat to this Apple Store meets Space Station Mir hotel for an impulsive evening of rooftop lounging and ultramodern minibar raiding.

In terms of the lobby scene, well, the Ace it’s not. But the guy-to-robot ratio here is off the charts. Checking you in: a bank of supercomputers (rumor is one’s a third cousin of HAL). Handling your bags: a towering cybernetic arm. Transporting you to your room: a vertically flying vessel with infrared... okay, it’s an elevator.

Now, before retiring to your white cubicle of a room (don’t worry, they’ve left space for a hot tub in 12 suites), you’ll want to swing by the 4,000-square-foot, multi-bar Terrace, the biggest balcony lounge in the city. After which there’ll be nothing more satisfying than collapsing onto your room’s motorized, shape-shifting couch-bed.

They’re the futons of tomorrow.


570 10th Ave
(at 42nd St)
New York, NY, 10036


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